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Josh Brady is twenty years old and is a hunky lean, smooth twink with a handsome face, and both of his nipples are pierced. He is five feet eleven inches tall with brown hair, sexy hazel eyes, and he is versatile with an eight-inch dick, and he has a peachy shaped ass.
Cameron Parks is a handsome nineteen-year-old with a twinkle in his eye, and he loves to go out clubbing and loves to have sex with other helix studios porno gay people. He is five feet eleven inches tall, has brown hair, bright blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch cock and beautiful big balls.

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It is date night, and gay twink porn stars Josh Brady and Cameron Parks are having a wild time on a night out on the town. You can see by their chemistry that the night will end up with them having wild passionate sex as they play around in the streets. They kiss, wrestle and tease each other with their tongues as they walk around enjoying themselves. They string the night out as they both get more and more excited, and by the end of their fumbling, their hard boners are in desperate need to be released from the restraints of their clothes.
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Once indoors, and on the bed, they embrace in a passionate kiss on the bed and start taking off each other’s clothes. They play with each other’s nipples, and then Cameron pulls down Josh’s tight pants and gets his thick meaty cock in his hand. He feels just how powerful that cock is at it pulsates once or twice with the excitement of it all, and then that cock goes slowly into Cameron’s greedy mouth. He licks it all over, paying special attention to his bulbous head. Josh closes his eyes and moans with lust as Cameron manages to get all eight inches down his throat.
Cameron stands up next to the bed, and Josh returns the favour as he gobbles down that cock like the true cock-slut he really is. He chews on it like a bit of candy and then sucks it down to Cameron’s short and curlies.
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Josh then lies down on his back as Cameron climbs on top of him. With Josh’s hard cock gleaming with spit, Cameron opens up his perfectly shaped butt cheeks, and lowers himself down, and gets an inch or two of Josh’s hard boner into his tight ass crack… and then stops. The camera zooms in, and Josh slowly thrusts his hips up, and lets his raw cock slide into that ass, inch by beautiful inch. Cameron moans and groans as it fills his ass and taps against his super sensitive prostate. They fuck slowly as they make the most of that cock inside Cameron’s once tight ass.
Cameron then gets onto his hands and knees, and as Josh goes in from behind, they once more fuck slowly, and we see Josh’s fat, wet knob as it pulls almost all the way out, just to go slowly back in again. He does this a few times as he teases Cameron until he is begging for more.
With Cameron Parks now on his back, Josh Brady rams his cock balls deep into him and rides him harder and harder. Cameron’s toes start to curl, and with the feeling of electricity running up his thighs and into his balls, his hot juicy twink juicy flies out and splashes over his smooth young body. Josh moves up to his head, and as he taps Cameron on the lips with his dick, he jerks off. His fresh hot cum blasts out onto those succulent lips and all over Cameron’s face.
You can almost feel the electricity bounce off Cameron Parks and Josh Brady even before they hit the bed. These two guys make a great couple, and their bareback fucking is so intense, it will make you bust a nut before they have. This has been filmed in HD, the sound is great, and the hardcore fucking is just what we have come to expect from the award-winning team at Helix Studios.…